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The higher education system in Tajikistan
To higher educational establishments in Tajikistan relates universities and institutions conferring qualifications of junior specialist, bachelor degree, specialist and master degree.
In the Republic of Tajikistan implemented "State Educational Standard of Higher Professional Education" and "State requirements for the minimum content and level of preparation of students and state qualifier of directions and specialties of higher education."
For practical realization of state standard of higher professional education by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan a number of average special educational institutions was entered into structure of higher education institutions as colleges with the change of their legal bases. It allowed to provide a continuity in receiving the higher education of different level (junior specialist, bachelor degree, certified specialist, master degree). Two years' fundamental preparation of higher education both in higher education institution, and in college is carried out by uniform curricula. The learning process is implemented by rating system of assessment, which provides a continuous current and final attestation of students.
Training of specialists in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS is carried out on two parallel branches:on usual traditional system with terms of training of 4 or 5 years and issuing specialist of the diploma of specialist (certified specialist) in the corresponding specialty and on new, two-level system:

  • 4 - year study - awarding a bachelor degree;
  • 6 - year study - awarding a master's degree.

On medical specialties the diploma of specialist is issuing after 6 years of study.
Qualification of certified specialist and master's degree correspond to full higher education and provide an opportunity to continue their education in the system of postgraduate studies, respectively in postgraduate and doctoral studies.
Programs of postgraduate studies include various three-year programs leading to awarding of a Candidate of Science and degree of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

 List of higher educational institutions of the RT