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4. Investment projects of the commercial structures which are members of the National Parts of the SCO Business Council

5. Useful business information

5.1. Telephone codes of the cities of the republic of Tajikistan
5.2.Contact information of the Ministries, State committees, Agencies, Associations, Unions and local authoritions in the four administrative Regions of the Republic of Tajikistan
5.3. Information on credit institutions operating in the Republic of Tajikistan
5.4. Macroeconomic review of the Republic of Tajikistan
5.5. Membership of the Republic of Tajikistan in International Agencies
5.6. Embassies and Consulates of Tajikistan abroad
5.7. Embassies and Consulates of foreign States in the Republic of Tajikistan
5.8. Members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
5.9. Legal and Regulatory basis

6. Export Directory

6.1. Electric power
6.2. Machinery equipment
6.3. Telecommunication
6.4. Chemical industry products
6.5. Construction materials
6.6. Textiles, carpets, leather and garments
6.7. Woodworking products
6.8. Ceramics glass and semi-precious stones
6.9. Food processing products
6.10. Tourism
6.11. Crafts

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