100.000 guests visited the Pavilion of the Republic of Tajikistan at the International Exhibition “EXPO -2020” in Dubai

The pavilion of the Republic of Tajikistan in the International Exhibition “EXPO -2020” in Dubai, UAE during the first month of the exhibition was visited by more than 100 thousand visitors. More than 2,500 people visit the Pavilion on weekdays, and about 8,500 people on weekends and holidays.

The pavilion of the Republic of Tajikistan at the International Exhibition “EXPO -2020” presents the theme “Water for Sustainable Development”. More than 50 participants: Ministries and departments, the Executive body of the state of Dushanbe and representatives of the private sector presented their achievements in the form of exhibition models and product samples. The Pavilion presents: hydropower sector, water resources, light industry, food and mining industry, agriculture, town planning, culture, education, history, processed medicinal herbs, tourism, handicrafts, rare and wild animals, etc. Exhibition materials are presented in the form of large photographs, layouts, videos. Information and advertising materials on the investment climate and tourism potential of Tajikistan are presented in electronic and paper form.

According to the data voiced by the organizers of “EXPO-2020” in open sources, since the opening, the World Exhibition “EXPO-2020” in Dubai has been visited by over 2.35 million people. About 17% of this number are foreigners. Most of the exhibition was attended by guests from India, as well as citizens of Germany, France, Saudi Arabia and Great Britain. To date, the exhibition has been attended by representatives of 185 countries. About 25% of all visitors to “EXPO -2020” are young people under 18 years old.

For the first month, nearly two thousand different statesmen, including heads of state and prime ministers, took part in the events of “EXPO -2020”. During this period, 5,610 different events were held there.

The pavilions of 192 countries are presented at the World Exhibition in the United Arab Emirates.

The World Expo is an international event with a rich history. The exhibition has been held in different parts of the world since 1851, and the right to host it is prestigious for the organizing country. Now it is used not only to demonstrate the technical and technological achievements of different countries, but also as an additional opportunity for the presentation of investment and tourism potential.

  Press center of the CCI of Tajikistan