What does member receive?

Membership in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry around the world is a sign of civilization and reliability of the member organization. The services provided by CCI contribute to the development and support of entrepreneurship, proper business work.

CCI RT membership gives the right to:

The list of services provided to CCI RT:

– express providing the information of the Chamber members about new commercial proposals on their activity area from abroad enterprises;

– participation in negotiations, conferences and seminars organized by the Chamber on trade and economic cooperation with delegations from foreign countries and firms arriving in Tajikistan. Free entry to exhibitions, seminars, symposia held by CCI of the Republic of Tajikistan;

– issuance of membership references upon request of members of the Chamber;

– oral consultations on issues of conclusion of commercial contracts, establishment of companies, finding business partners etc;

– provision of information on international exhibitions in Tajikistan and abroad through the Chamber’s information lines;

– publication of information on commercial proposals of enterprises and business organizations via CCI web-site

– introduction of CCI RT members via web-site

– distribution of Business Guide CD

– establishment of direct trade, industrial, scientific and technical relations between the Chamber and the enterprises, organizations and firms from other countries;

– contributing, supporting and protecting the interests of the Chamber members in all government agencies of the Republic of Tajikistan;

– organization of trade, economic and other delegations in fairs, exhibitions, workshops, conferences and other events and participation of the Chamber members in them;

– distribution of reference and information materials on economy and foreign trade of the CIS countries and other foreign countries, on the activities of Chambers of Commerce, firms, associations, unions, companies, concerns, international foreign economic and other organizations.


To become a full member of the Chamber it is necessary to:


  1. Submitt an application letter to the Chairman of the Chamber signed by the head and chief accountant of the company;
  2. Fill in the application form (standard form) and pay annual membership fees in the amount according to the established grid.