National Service Bureau

 Major goal:

The National Service Bureau for Exporters of the Republic of Tajikistan operates in order to implement the commitments of the Republic of Tajikistan within the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) of the World Trade Organization (WTO), as well as the implementation of the Export Potential Development Program of the Republic of Tajikistan approved by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan.


This Service Bureau was created with the support of the International Trade Center in Tajikistan and provides services in the field of foreign economic activity, namely:

– assisting domestic exporters in obtaining information on the technical regulations, standards, conformity assessment procedures, sanitary and phytosanitary measures in foreign markets;

– promotion of the export potential of goods from the Republic of Tajikistan in demand on the international market;

– search for foreign partners, potential buyers of the products manufactured in Tajikistan;

– distribution of information, promotion of your products abroad, interaction with all the Chambers of the world in promoting your products;

– protection of your interests in front of government agencies involved in foreign economic activity;

– holding seminars, round tables, conferences in the field of export policy, mutual exchange of information and exchange of experience of business structures.

Many other services that will help you sell profitably, present information about your goods, and organize logistics services are also provided.

The National Service Bureau for exporters of the Republic of Tajikistan is always open and waiting for you.


For additional information contact us by phone: 2271168. 


  1. LLC “Cand-K” was established in 2008 in the city of Kanibadam. The area is 1.3 hectares. The ​​construction area for a warehouse and workshop is almost 1500 sq.m.
    The enterprise for processing and export of dried fruits in unlimited quantities is looking for a sales market.
  2. LLC “Capacitor Manufacturing Plant” offers:

– equipment and automated lines for the manufacture of confectionery products;

– equipment for the production of soft drinks (kvass, soda water, etc.) breweries (capacity from 100 to 40000 l. per day);

– non-standard equipment. Technological equipment and lines have all the necessary certificates in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

  1. LLC “Tooashkan” Kyrgyzstan is interested in purchasing cable products from Tajikistan.


Article 131. Представление документов при декларировании товаров

  1. Submission of a customs declaration must be accompanied by the submission to the customs authority of its electronic copy and necessary documents provided for in this article.

The structure of the electronic copy of the customs declaration is established by the authorized body on customs affairs.

  1. The declarant may submit copies of documents confirming the declared information, along with the presentation of an obligation to submit the original of the appropriate document within the time limit required to review the customs declaration, if the original of the document is mandatory for making a decision on the release of goods.

In the case when individual documents cannot be submitted within a specified time limit by the declarant’s reasoned application, the customs authorities allow the submission of the copies followed by the submission of documents within the time required to receive the documents, but no later than thirty calendar days after the customs declaration is registered. The declarant is responsible for the failure to submit documents on time or an inaccurate statement of information in previously submitted copies of documents.

If the documents according to which customs clearance of subsequent shipments of goods is being performed were previously submitted to the customs authority, then submission of copies of such documents is sufficient.

  1. If there are document required to make a decision on the release of goods remained in the cases of the customs authority, then the customs authority makes an entry on the copies of these documents indicating the customs authority in which such documents are kept. This entry is witnessed by the personal numbered seal of the customs official.
  2. Contracts, tax invoices (invoices), transport documents, documents confirming payment of customs duties and taxes after the release of goods are subject to return to the declarant and kept for three years from the date of registration of the customs declaration.
  3. The submited customs declaration should be accompanied by the documents on the basis of which the customs declaration is completed. These documents include:

1) documents confirming the authority of the person who submits the customs declaration;

2) international sales or other contracts concluded during a foreign trade transaction and, in case of unilateral foreign trade transactions, other documents expressing the content of such transactions, as well as commercial documents;

3) transport (shipping) documents;

4) documents confirming compliance with prohibitions and restrictions;

5) documents confirming the payment and (or) provision of customs duties and taxes (as amended by the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan of December 28, 2012, No. 906).

  1. In accordance with the requirements of the selected customs regimes, in addition to the main documents specified in Part 5 of this Article of the Code, other documents necessary for customs purposes are submitted in the manner stipulated by the authorized body on customs issues.
  2. If the declarant claims to receive benefits for the payment of customs duties, including the application of the customs regime, providing for full or partial exemption from customs duties and taxes, for non-application to goods of prohibitions and restrictions established in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Tajikistan, or to reduce the tax base, the declarant should submit documents confirming the relevant conditions stated to the customs authority.
  3. In order to confirm the declared customs value, the declarant shall submit documents substantiating the declared customs value and the chosen method of determining the customs value.
  4. If separate documents cannot be submitted simultaneously with the customs declaration, upon a written request of the declarant, the customs authorities allow in written form the submission of such documents within the period necessary for their receipt, but no later than within 45 days after the customs declaration is accepted, unless another term for the submission of separate documents and information is provided for by this Code. The declarant shall present a written obligation to submit the original documents within the prescribed period.
  5. In the case of submission to the customs authority of documents that can be used in the customs clearance of other goods, the customs authority shall issue a written confirmation of acceptance of the documents in the form established by the authorized body on customs affairs upon the request of the declarant. The confirmation is considered valid until changes are made to the submitted documents or until their expiration date. This confirmation can be used by the declarant during the customs clearance of goods without additional submission of the adopted documents to the customs authority. The declarant shall have the right to submit the specified documents prior to the submission of the customs declaration.